In research there are some things that have been studied which seem to be pretty bad for you. Smoking is an obvious one, it seems to,increase your risk of death of everything yet even smoking has some positive research with Parkinson’s disease prevention!

LOW cholesterol has been linked with Increases in All cause mortality which surprises many, but one thing that we all do, and we could all change quickly with a little knowledge is sitting.

Sitting, and for those that sit longer and longer hours at work has been shown scientifically to increase your chances of dying of all illnesses. If you sit a lot you are more likely to die from cancer, from a heart attack or from any illness (1)

In my future Ebook “How to take responsibility for your own health” I spend considerable time showing videos of photos of alternatives to sitting. If you wish to see this yourself without purchasing my book then watch any toddler and how they interact with the floor. They will sit cross legged, stay on their knees, squat and much much more as positions of rest.
We are so deconditioned as a society we cannot even rest properly, and as such we increase our risk of death from, well everything!

The more you sit in a chair, the closer the death you are bringing yourself. I am slowly coming to the opinion than the seat is one of the most destructive things for health, alongside tobacco and processed foods.
Most people are so low in energy that trying these rest positions is too much effort and the easy option is to slump in the chair. However even 30 seconds a day will make things easier and gradually people enjoy resting in other ways beyond the chair, and slowly begin to fall in love with movement again, just like when they were children.

If enough interest is shown (20 plus likes), we will post a video of a very simple test that physicians have used for years to determine your risk of death over the next 6 years. If you do poorly in this test then I suggest your work on learning about ancient rest positions! and mobility work to add years onto your life. Thus video and instruction will be put up later today if I get enough likes. Please like and share and check out the reference in the comments box!

Sitting – a deadly killer still not taken seriously in the western world, it’s time to increase awareness of this.

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