Parkour for the Playstation generation…. And the rest!

It was always inevitable with my passion for movement that I would end up in a parkour facility at some stage in my life. For those unfamiliar Parkour or Free running is an entire philosophy designed to master movement and your environment.

In East London Parkour Generations officially opened their chainstore academy today and as you can see in the attached video it was completely buzzing.

What was beautiful was the interaction between people and the sharing of skills. Within minutes an 8 year old boy was teaching me a front flip, and a series of jumps which he made look easily, yet was devilishly hard. In return I was able to teach him some gymnastic rings skills. This occurred constantly throughtout my time in the club, constant exchanges of movement wisdom.

The place was rammed with kids who couldn’t help themselves swinging and jumping. Clearly this was more preferable to any Playstation game. I could see how incredible human beings are at moving, and how we lose so much movement when we get older.

There is no doubt some reduction in mobility will occur as people age, but I believe the lack of movement is the real killer and the body slowly adapts to less and less movement. I believe age and lack of movement is massively overplayed and the fact we move less as we age is the bigger contributor.

I move much better now than in my mid 30’s than my early 20’s, simply because I move more.

The kids here in the video were uninhibited and ruled the roost. I was one of very few people there over 30. It was great to see so many kids moving freely but led me to thinking, the people that really need the movement experience are the adults. Where were they?

After studying various aspects of Heath at high academic levels now for over 15 years accumulating degrees, masters and soon to be a Doctor of Chiropractic I have formed the opinion that the healthiest thing a body can do is move, in the right balance of course. All that studying for this great revelation! Movement beats chiropractic, osteopathy, medicine and everything else for keeping a body healthy in my opinion.
It is free, you can become your own teacher and boy can it be fun.

We are one of the few brachiating animals on the planet, animals which can swing. I watched kids as young as 3 swinging on the bars, catch the kid in the video, he could’ve easily swung for hours, yet with the adults I work with this is seen as advanced work!

Ido Portal, Parkour etc etc have had this nailed on for years. Love movement, and open yourself up to endless possibilities.

Life is movement.

Much Love,
Perfect Balance

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